June 2003:
Bas's first holy communion

April 2003:
Rainy April at Hoenderloo

December 2002:
Visit to Efteling

Ocotober 2002:
Holyday in Noordwijk
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Family meeting Beekbergen
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September 2002:
12.5 Wedding party.
On saturday the 14th a party was being held because of our 12.5 year marriage jubilee. In fact, the correct date would be December, the 16th. But as we'd like to celebrate it in summer rather than winter, we decided to choose this date. If you where unable to join and are curious about the party restaurant, visit the White goose (Dalfsen). If you did join us: thank you (again) for coming. Press here for the photo-report!
July 2002:
Swiss summer tour '02
More details, refer to special.
spring 2002:
An extra trip to Switzerland.
To feel how Switzerland is outside the summer period some time had been spent. There was a lot of snow as can be seen here. The photo had been taken by Georgette at Rocher de Naye, in the Montreux region.
September 2001:
Bas's room changed.
After all those years it became the right moment to modify Bas's room from a baby's room to a man's room. There is now enough space for playing on the traffic carpet. Also Georgette enjoys it!
December 2001:
Bas's swimming license.
After his proven swimming skills Bas received his A-license! In the mean time past for his B-examination as well. This picture has been taken at Hattem swimming pool.
October 2000:
Utrecht railway museum visited.
In a saturday with beautiful weather the kids where able to see Utrecht railway museum and what is inside! Georgette and Bas discovered what ancient stock looks like.
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